JP Moreland

Distinguished Professor of Philosophy, Talbot School of Theology; author of Love Your God with All Your Mind

“When I picked up Williams’s REFLECT, I had no idea what an astonishing, absolutely unique treasure I was about to read. I know Williams, and he (as flawed as we all are) practices what he preaches. The motivating problem is something that our vastly ignorant population simply does not get—that we all worship something and we become like what we worship. This is the scary and sober truth, and if people got ahold of this, they would think much more seriously about their ultimate source of transcendence and meaning. And Williams rightly identifies Jesus and the religion he founded as the only game in town. And he proves it by taking seriously the question, what if we really intended to become like Jesus in several key areas of his life and our lives. Williams draws on an impressive combination of scholarly works and popular culture, and he seems comfortable in both worlds. What results is a completely unique book that must receive a wide circulation. So, please, get a copy, and after you have read it, buy copies for your friends and get into groups to discuss the ideas contained therein. It will definitely be worth your time.”